Spend less time debugging video

Debugging HLS and DASH streams is time consuming. It involves refreshing manifests, downloading segments, concatenating those segments with init segments, and countless runs of ffprobe.

debug.video does the tedious work for you. So you can get back to making the world of streaming media better.

Skip the rest and download!






Someone sent you a HAR file? Great! Any manifests and segments will be detected, probed, and displayed.

Import and Export .dbgvid

Want to send your session to someone else? Export it as a .dbgvid archive.

Missing Features

There's plenty more debug.video can do, and it's open source. Contributions are appreciated!

  • Tests(but at least the main branch isn't failing)
  • Plenty of DASH options(there are so many)
  • Support for more streams(if your stream fails, please report it)
  • Windows build(contributions from Windows machine owners are appreciated!)
  • A whole lot more

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"It's great."

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